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 FB Cover 951 views, 52 downloads Happy Sree Krishna Janmashtami Let the lord protect us all.  FB Cover 810 views, 36 downloads Happy Sree Krishna Janmashtami Fill your life with happiness & virtues on Janmashtami.  FB Cover 838 views, 31 downloads Happy Sree Krishna Janmashtami Let us all sing in praise of Lord Krishna.  FB Cover 660 views, 16 downloads Happy Mothers Day I have the best Mom in the whole world.  FB Cover 716 views, 3 downloads Happy Mothers Day However you call the most important woman in your life, no one can say "I Love You Mom" better than you.  FB Cover 552 views, 11 downloads Happy Mothers Day Mothers hold their childs hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime. Love your Mother forever.  FB Cover 1022 views, 61 downloads Happy Vishu Vishu is an important Kerala festival celebrated in the month of "Medam" and a Hindu festival in the Indian state of Kerala. It is considered as the festival of light and fireworks and decorating lights and bursting of firecrackers (Vishupadakkam). Other elements include new clothes (Puthukodi), the tradition of giving money called Vishukkaineetam and Sadya, a vishu feast consisting of equal proportions of salty, sweet, sour and bitter items. The important event is the Vishukkani, which means "the first thing seen on the day of Vishu after waking up". It consists of a ritual arrangement of articles intended to signify prosperity, including rice, fruits and vegetables, betel leaves, metal mirror, yellow flowers called Konna holy texts and coins.  FB Cover 733 views, 12 downloads Happy Easter Wishing Happy Easter is a way of sending god's message of love to the world.  FB Cover 841 views, 21 downloads Happy Easter Greetings to all Send Easter wishes to all your dear & near ones. Cherish the moments of togetherness always.  FB Cover 1519 views, 147 downloads Hamster with a Letter for you Missed something you wanted to say to your special person? Write a letter to them telling how important and special they are in your life and don`t forget to post them too.
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